It All Starts With a Passion For Great Food

WE ARE FOODIES.  Like our customers themselves, we love great food, we love to cook, and we love sharing that passion. Since we opened shop in 2000, we have viewed our job as relentlessly searching out the finest ingredients available, and as close to home as possible for any given ingredient.

WE KNOW OUR FOOD.  We have traveled to Juneau Alaska to see first-hand the boats and the process that our salmon come from. We have toured the processing plant of our beef supplier, whom of which follows Temple Grandin’s protocol.  We have also toured the facility’s of our pork supplier and the trout farms here in Idaho. We know the ranchers and farmers who locally grow our lamb, tomatoes, eggs, spices and more.

WE ARE PROUD.  We value and have great pride in our relations with our suppliers.  We understand that we are only as good as the brands which we partner with.  Visit each of our suppliers here by clicking on their logo.

Our Recipes

We love food. I mean, we REALLY love food! Evenings and weekends are spent with family and friends, always gathered around the kitchen, smells of wonderful creations fill the air as laughter fills the room..

Dave Opened Shop in April of 2000