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We love food. I mean, we REALLY love food! Evenings and weekends are spent with family and friends, always gathered around the kitchen, smells of wonderful creations fill the air as laughter fills the room.

The turkey on the smoker, grilling cheese kabobs on the grill, gravy simmering on the stove, and sweet potato pumpkin pie with marshmallow meringue is heading in the oven. Can't you just close your eyes and smell the Thanksgiving feast and feel the warmth of the fire? Here are a few menu ideas to get you started on your Thanksgiving dinner plans. If cooking isn't your thing, call us, we'll take care of everything (and your secret is safe with us ;)

Time to order the Thanksgiving feast!
but you can still order all of your favorite side dishes!

30 Traditional dishes to make the ultimate Thanksgiving from Delish

Classic Thanksgiving Menu

Turn your Thanksgiving feast into a meal that's both traditional and tasty. Serve classic sides like buttery mashed potatoes and green bean casserole before finishing with our go-to pumpkin pie.

Bobby Flay's Thanksgiving Menu

When it comes to his spread, Bobby is all about adding spice and depth to classic family recipes. Grill sweet potatoes instead of roasting them, and give the traditional turkey a peppery molasses glaze.

Ina Garten's Thanksgiving Menu

In this festive feast, the Barefoot Contessa shows that entertaining can be just as tasty as it is easy. Dishes like her classic gravy, sour cream potatoes and apple-filled stuffing are part of a sure-to-impress Thanksgiving meal.

Alton Brown's Thanksgiving Menu

Everyone's favorite chef-scientist leaves nothing to chance: From broccoli casserole and glazed carrots to spicy mashed sweet potatoes, his recipes are sure-fire hits.

Southern Style Menu

Celebrate Thanksgiving Southern style, with comforting down-home dishes sure to please. Serve deep-fried turkey, decadent cornbread pudding, red velvet cake and more.

Quick and Easy Menu

The easiest, stress-free menu is all about relaxing & savoring. With every side dish and dessert done in less than an hour (including 10-minute creamed spinach), you'll be out of the kitchen and at the table in no time.

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