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About Dave

Born to a large animal veterinarian, I had little choice but to grow up around livestock.  I remember going to the sale yards with my dad to take blood samples of cattle and to check their health before transport.  Some of my best memories were growing up on a small beef ranch in Northern Idaho where we raised Simmental cattle.  I think my dad liked to keep us boys busy because next he bought a dairy farm in Eastern Oregon where I learned to appreciate fresh milk and was able to gulp it down by the gallon as a teenager.  Strong bones for bucking hay, irrigating pastures and getting up early to do chores before school.  Life couldn't have been any healthier than growing up in the country and working hard, it also left me with an appreciation for where our food comes from and the dedication behind it.  

Living in Eagle my senior year in high school I took on a part time job at the local packing house that used to sit on the banks of the Boise river right where the Porterhouse market is today.  Once again I found myself in the food industry where I learned to butcher and the art of sausage making.  When the plant closed its doors after nearly a century, I took an opportunity to head for the fishing grounds on Kodiak Island Alaska, still more food!  

This time it was a whole new game though, harvesting was under water not on the soil.  I worked for two summers fishing for Halibut, salmon and dungeness crabs.  Now I really had an appreciation for hard work and long hours.  Along with it however came a new love for fresh seafood.  As a kid I had grown up on very little seafood and certainly none that was this fresh!  Finally I felt as though my palate had bloomed.  

After I left the fishing grounds I started my first small business as a butcher who specialized in processing meat for ranchers, hunters and anyone raising their own livestock at home.  This is where the seed of the Porterhouse sprouted from.  Periodically I got phone calls from newcomers in town who were looking for a good place to purchase really good meat and fresh seafood.  They would tell me that where they came from they had butcher shops that specialized in meat.  Here, they would tell me, there are only super markets and their meat is terrible! .....and so the Porterhouse was born :)  

I opened shop in April of 2000.  And to this day my pursuit hasn't relinquished to find the best food out there.  ~ Dave

Owner Dave Faulk (right) visits with Kirk Hardcastle (fisherman and marine biologists)  as they discuss the sustainability and the fishing techniques used on the fishing grounds on the Taku River Inlet near Juneau Alaska where Dave buys all his salmon.